Venus Glide

Venus Glide


Venus Glide, Specialised formula.  Fragrance Free. 945ml Bottle with Included Pump.

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Venus Glide is a specially formulated glycerine gel, recommended for use during  treatments with Venus Concept Devices.

Venus Glide is recommended for use with:

  • Venus Legacy (All Hand-pieces)
  • Venus Freeze (All Hand-pieces)
  • Venus Freeze Plus (All Hand-pieces)
  • Venus Swan (All Hand-pieces)
  • Venus Viva (Diamond Polar Hand-piece)
  • Venus Versa (Diamond Polar Hand-piece)
  • Venus Versa (Octi-Polar Hand-piece)

Venus Glide protects the epidermis during treatment, the specialised formula ensures:

  • minimal evaporation
  • tissue retains heat during treatment
  • perfect consistency to protect hand-pieces from potential damage

Formula is fragrance free, based on glycerine.